Atherton Contemporary XVI

Atherton, California
Info Team Collaborators

Atherton, CA
24,815 sq ft
6 Bedrooms
8 Baths
4 Half Baths
Time Span
Architecture Internal Liaison
Charles Belser
Custom Homes
Rex Finato
Ben Quittner
Sean Sullivan
Maureen Ekedahl
Architecture Lead
PPF Goujon Architects
Pascal Goujoin
Interior Design
Holocene Design
Aerial photo of the living room

“We designed the house with walls and stairwells that are pieces of art in and of themselves. The quality of the craftsmanship is unmistakable.”

A wall of inlaid marquetry that took a full year to fabricate creates a dazzling backdrop for the bar. It makes the room.

Detail of the stairway and hallway
Closeup image of the sun painting, which hangs above the bar