Atherton Traditional XII

Atherton, California
Info Team

Atherton, CA
12,600 sq ft
7 Bedrooms
7 Baths
2 Half Baths
Time Span
Jude Kirik
Devyani Khoury
Mike West
Nigel Langley
Michelle Lemos
Susan Maher
Living room space with lit fireplace, chairs and a sofa. The chairs have throw blankets laid on them. Hand sculpture and bowl are on the table in the center of the room.
Close up of the living room with white/black dangling lamps from the ceiling, black table and grey chairs.
Kitchen nook with black and wood chairs and circular table.
Seating area with a fireplace, large white artwork, and furniture which includes a sofa and chairs
Gym area with different bike machines, a seating area, and there are large windows which lead out to different trees planted in pots.
Master bedroom with black canopy bed, ottoman, seating area, and a large tree in the corner of the space.
Upstairs bathroom with cabinetry with two sinks, white bathtub and carpet
Guest house and pool exterior image
Living room of the guest house, with vaulted ceilings, fireplace, sofa and circular black table.
Outdoor living room patio with a black large fireplace and seating area