Atherton Transitional XII

Atherton, California
Info Team

Atherton, CA
12,591 sq ft
6 Bedrooms
7 Baths
2 Half Baths
Time Span
Eric Peterson
Chris Dawson
Ruth Meehan
Michelle Lemos
Family room with a large tv on the wall above a lit fireplace. There is a sculpture in the corner of the room. There are large floor to top of the wall windows surrounding the space. Couch, chairs and a table sit in the center.
Lower level of the home, which includes a table with chairs, ping pong table, hanging lights, and windows with black detailing.
Master bedroom which includes vaulted ceilings, abstract artwork on the wall, a large sofa with a black table, textured rug, and a bed.
Master bath which includes a white bath tub with a black tray on top of it with flowers and a marble shower.
Spa which includes a rectangular bath, glass shower and large circular mirror
Exercise room with two peloton bikes, weights, artwork on the wooden wall.
Exterior image of the guest house, focusing on the walkway into the front door. There is grass and trees surrounding the guest house.
Image of the backyard, which has a pool and lounge chairs, surrounded by trees.