Atherton Transitional XVIII

Atherton, California
Info Team

Atherton, CA
13,168 sq ft
6 Bedrooms
7 Baths
2 Half Baths
Time Span
Jude Kirik
Sean Lopes
Charles Belser
Ben Hale
Erica Zabala
Susan Maher
Rachel Sullivan
Rendered image of the living room, with a curved sofa, white and black table with flowers on it, and a large dining room table in the background. There is a blue and white abstract piece of art on the wall.
Rendered image of a study room, with large wooden shelving on the walls, black and wood desk and white chair. There is a lamp and flowers on the desk and a Macbook.
Rendered image of a stairway, and in the room is a bookshelf and artwork
Rendered image of a kitchen, with oak and white finishes.
Rendered image of a bathroom with a large circular mirror, sink, lamps, and patterened walls.
Rendered image of a living room space, with a large fireplace with marble and wooden finishing, and a seating area.
Please note: The renderings are generated to convey the concept of the finished house, but are subject to change.