Los Altos Hills Transitional X

Los Altos, California
Info Team

Los Altos, CA
10,570 sq ft
5 Bedrooms
5 Baths
2 Half Baths
Time Span
Eric Peterson
Pei-Ching Chou
Custom Homes
Greg Pagonis
Karin Young
Image of a living area, there is a large circular black ceiling lamp attached to a wood ceiling. The walls are white, and there is a brick fireplace. Abstract artwork is on the wall, and there is a bright couch and flowers on the table in front of the couch.

“Our vision for this house was determined by the incredible site, which informed all our decisions about form and style. There are 360-degree views that span the Bay, Valley, Santa Cruz Mountains, and Esther Clark Nature Preserve. Each room has a unique vista.”

The house is designed as three interconnected pavilions, with views through and between the discrete structures. A system of pocketing glass doors erases the boundary between inside and out.
Image of a kitchen, which includes yellow flowers on the countertop. Large black lamps coming from the ceiling, and a big door which leads you to the backyard.
Image of a bathroom. On each side you can see sinks and vanity areas with mirrors. In the center of the image in the distance, is a marble shower. There is a black lamp hanging from the ceiling.