Woodside Farmhouse X

Woodside, California
Info Team

Woodside, CA
11,900 sq ft
5 Bedrooms
6 Baths
2 Half Baths
Time Span
Jon Daseking
Pei-Ching Chou
Custom Homes
Mike Murphy
Susan Maher
Living room image with a fireplace, two sofas and a basekt on the black table with white flowers inside.
Kitchen with large black lamps hanging from the white ceiling. There are threee black chairs and a large island in the center with a sink.
Backyard shot of a walkthrough garden, with square paved stone.
Image of an outdoor gazebo, with patio furniture. There is gravel and a firepit off to the side, and ivy hanging off of the gazebo.
Image of one of the guest homes on the property
Outdoor pool, with lounge chairs and umbrellas. Landscaped sections with flowers and plants. The pool is surrounded by trees and hills are seen from a far. There is a small fountain on the right side